Online k-Median with Consistent Clusters
with: Benjamin Moseley and Kirk Pruhs
arXiv March 2023

Fast Combinatorial Algorithms for Min Max Correlation Clustering
with: Sami Davies and Benjamin Moseley
ICML 2023, full version

Matroid-Based TSP Rounding for Half-Integral Solutions
with: Anupam Gupta, Euiwoong Lee, Jason Li, Marcin Mucha, and Sherry Sarkar
IPCO 2022 , full version , slides


In the past, I have worked with Moon Duchin’s Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group, which is a team of Boston-based mathematicians bringing mathematics and computer science methods to bear on redistricting. Here is one fun study that came out of my work with this group:

Locating the Representational Baseline: Republicans in Massachusetts in Election Law Journal

My dissertation in fulfillment of requirements for the Oxford M.Sc. is an exposition on the Chromatic Number of String Graphs.

My undergraduate senior thesis at Princeton: Limiting Distribution of the Complex Roots of Random Polynomials